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Ineco is a global leader in infrastructure engineering and consultancy. With a presence in more than 50 countries, it has an expert team of 2,500 professionals and has for more than 45 years contributed to the development of projects in all areas of transport: planning, airports, air navigation, railways, urban transport and ports. Its activities extend to the environmental sector, architecture and construction.

Ineco offers comprehensive solutions in all phases of a project, from preliminary feasibility studies to commissioning, including making improvements to management, operation and maintenance processes.

Its high level of technical capability allows it to bring the most advanced ad innovative developments, both for the public and the private sector, anywhere in the world.

Modos de transporte Itransporte

  • Airport’s ORAT. Abu Dabi
  • Airport Expansion Project Management. Kuwait
  • Modernisation of the airport network and reorganisation of airspace. Spain
  • Spanish High-Speed network. Spain
  • HS2 high speed. United Kingdom
  • High Speed Makkah-Madinah. Saudi Arabia
  • CPTM lines, São Paulo. Brazil
  • Supervising Agent Guadalajara-Colima highway. Mexico
  • Strategic Mobility Plan Ecuador
  • Lima international airport expansion. Peru
  • ERTMS deployment in Europe
  • Muscat’s Public Transport Plan. Oman
  • National Collection and Treatment of Waste Plan 2016-2026. Panama
  • Irrigation and Drainage National Plan. Ecuador
  • Modernisation of the Samsun-Kalin railway line. Turkey
  • Expansion and improvement of the Spanish railway stations. Spain
  • Transport Infrastructure Programme Management and National Transport Plan. Costa Rica
  • Technical supervision of the new trains at Medellin Metro. Colombia
  • Tram line 4 in Tallinn. Estonia
  • Coordinating works on the Mário Covas bypass in São Paulo. Brazil

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28036 Madrid

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