We end 2020 focused on the two key pillars of our work, now more important than ever with the COVID-19 pandemic: cybersecurity, the key to protecting knowledge; and entrepreneurship, which is essential to make progress and improve the quality of life of the community as a whole.

In helping improve the cybersecurity of organisations, we have had to develop measures and action plans to resolve incidents on rail networks, satellite navigation systems and critical infrastructure. In an increasingly digital world, ensuring security is as crucial as in the physical world: both worlds converge in ground-breaking projects such as ERTMS, the subject of an article focused on our most recent work for the EU with on-board systems for trains and the European Galileo satellite system, where we have now been involved for ten years.

We have come to the end of 2020, a year in which our priority has been to ensure the safety and well-being of every team at Ineco, focused on the two essential pillars of our work: cybersecurity and entrepreneurship

Contributing to improved transport safety has made us resilient entrepreneurs, capable of recognising failure and providing solutions. That has been one of our main aims as the Supervising Agent of the Guadalajara-Colima highway in Mexico, a strategic route on which the latest data show a marked improvement in the accident rate. The inspection and servicing of the former Renfe trains that will provide regional services in Nairobi and the digital systems developed to improve aircraft information at Abu Dhabi airport are further examples of our work to improve safety.

Our entrepreneurial drive and passion make us adaptable and give us the capacity to carry out projects within Spain aimed at creating more sustainable, appealing and efficient transport. Examples include the new La Sagrera station, in Barcelona, a megaproject led by Ineco based on multimodality that will radically change transport in the city; and improvements to stations in Extremadura and in freight access to the port of Castellón.

And to conclude with entrepreneurship, with an eye on sustainability, we now share with our readers an overview and the specific steps taken by the company around Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals, one of the foundations of our Strategic Plan and a shared project that has involved every department and every person in our organisation.