Vigo-Peinador airport has undergone a number of works in recent years, for example the construction of a new public car park with over 2,500 spaces and the enlargement of the southern terminal building. The Instituto Feiral de Vigo (IFEVI), which is very near to the airport, hosts more than half the international events held in Galicia. A large proportion of attendees arrive by air. The large capacity of the new terminal car park also makes it possible to expand the parking offered by the exhibition centre itself. Given the short distance separating the airport and the exhibition centre, visitors used to travel between the two across the roundabout by which both places are accessed by road. The considerable traffic, the dimensions of the roundabout and the high number of roads connected to it made the walk a long, tortuous journey, where road crossings were challenging and pedestrians were not protected from poor weather conditions.

The pedestrian walkway connecting Vigo-Peinador airport with the Instituto Feiral de Vigo has two purposes. Firstly, there is the intention of exploiting the airport terminal car park to serve the exhibition centre. Secondly, the walkway facilitates the connection between the terminal and the exhibition centre for visitors arriving by air. It establishes a path that connects both places, and on another level avoids the different roads between the terminal car park and the IFEVI centre.

The walkway begins at car park P-1 and ends beside the heavy vehicle parking basins at the exhibition centre. The walkway has a total length of 281 m, with 10 spans of a maximum length of 40 m.

The walkway’s roof is designed with geometrical surfaces whose orientation follows a logical sequence spanning the length of the walkway. The play between different dimensions, densities and angles of the different segments brings the ensemble a dynamic, three-dimensional character.