Vilnius Airport, the largest in Lithuania, is immersed in a process of expansion that will enable it to handle the significant increase in traffic experienced in recent years and improve the quality of service to passengers. To this end, the state enterprise Lithuanian Airports, which plans to expand the existing terminal, has commissioned Ineco to carry out a study to improve its commercial areas, which, after the renovation, will occupy the airport’s current departures area.

The work includes identification of the commercial needs of passengers and reorientation of traffic flows within the terminal. The Spanish public engineering firm, which has extensive experience in planning and designing commercial areas, will carry out the design of the commercial areas and premises in accordance with technical and economic requirements, in addition to proposing recommendations for the future awarding of concessions.

Ineco has carried out similar work in El Salvador and Spain, where it has collaborated with Aena for more than 12 years on the commercial redesign of airports in operation or on new infrastructures.