The drone industry continues to grow year after year, and Ineco is active in different fields related to the industry, principally in regulatory issues and air traffic. Ineco experts, Víctor Gordo from CNS/ATM Systems and Javier Carvajal from the Smart Products department (in the picture, during their presentation), gave a presentation on smart cities and drones at Expodrónica 2020, which was held virtually in September.

Elsewhere, Ineco is involved in DACUS (Demand and Capacity Optimisation in U-space), which aims to develop a service-oriented demand and capacity balancing process for drone traffic management, integrating tools with predictions based on Artificial Intelligence. Ineco will develop a dynamic capacity model based on collision risk in this proposal led by CRIDA and ENAIRE, with EUROCONTROL, BR&T Europe, ISA, JEPP, Darmstadt Technical University (TUDA), SSG, Toulouse Metropole and AHA (Netgengid ehf) completing the consortium.