100% connected

For more than two decades, Ineco has been strengthening this area, which currently has 420 virtual servers, 44 physical servers and more than 2.5 PB (petabytes) of storage capacity, with more than 1,600 GHz of processing and a management system focused on responding to user needs.

The ICT department has revolutionised the procedures for sending information within the company. Its employees stay connected using a wide range of tools aimed at optimising productivity: project management, personal area, online courses and other collaborative work systems.

COVID-19 has transformed the work station; we have gone from a where to a when (Juan Manuel Hortalá)

Ineco’s presence on all five continents is only possible thanks to information technology: distance is no longer a barrier to communication and the development of activities between people located in remote physical spaces. In addition, company users, shareholders and customers demand a high degree of confidentiality. The ICT team strives for security in the transmission, access and processing of information, ensuring communications and blocking threats. Meeting the needs of each of our customers in terms of security, which means covering a wide range of solutions and policies.

Key points

  1. A team of 23 people.
  2. More than 300 daily support requests. 370 pieces of hardware installed during lockdown.
  3. 24h service to users and customers on five continents.
  4. Over 23,000 TB of mobile data per year.
  5. Providing maintenance for more than 200 applications.
  6. An effective protocol of action to deal with incidents. Threat blocking. Over 400,000 attempted breaches per month.