Swedavia, a Swedish public operator that manages 10 airports, managing approximately 42 million passengers per year, has signed a framework agreement with Ineco as a specialised ORAT consultant to assist it in the process of creating its own ORAT department with the aim of strengthening its management capacity.

Due to the growth of Sweden’s air traffic over the last decade, the operator needs to undertake various expansions at its airports.  To carry out the operational readiness and transfer of these new infrastructures, Ineco will provide Swedavia with its consulting services in order to identify resources and define the methodology to optimise these tasks.

Ineco’s study will be carried out in several phases. Using the current situation as a starting point, the work will focus on determining the structure and dimensions of the new department, and the method of adapting it to Swedavia’s organisational environment. The proposed solution will then be tested as a pilot project on the Göteborg Landvetter Airport expansion. The last stage will be the final implementation of the ORAT methodology, a process in which Ineco has 20 years of experience in Spanish airports across the Aena network and internationally, in airports such as Newark in the US, and Abu Dhabi, where the company has been carrying out an ORAT project since 2014.