Last November, the government of Panama entrusted Ineco with its National Collection and Treatment of Waste Plan 2016-2026. This strategic plan takes into account the current state of waste collection, treatment and disposal on a nationwide level. The plan will also propose the legal framework as well as the actions required to solve current and future waste management issues in Panama.

The contract represents the definitive strengthening of Ineco’s role in the area of solid urban waste planning –a project that the company is also carrying out for the city of Quito (Ecuador). According to Miryam Sánchez, the technical director of Environmental and Waste Management at Ineco with 25 years in the sector, “we will draw on the great deal of experience we have in order to develop a 21st century waste management plan”.

The company has an office in Panama City where it is also conducting an assessment in addition to developing a proposal for remodelling work on Cerro Patacón –Panama City’s landfill.