India’s NCRTC, which is responsible for the development of fast rail transport systems in the Delhi region, has awarded the consortium formed by Ineco, Egis and Egis India the contract for the studies to develop a commuter rail corridor between Delhi and Meerut. Ineco will provide consulting services to define the design parameters for the construction project of this 90-kilometre regional fast network which is expected to reach a speed of 180 km/h. Most of the route will run through tunnels and on elevated surface track.

Completion of the studies for the HS Delhi-Kolkata

Ineco, Typsa and ICT –the three partners of the consortium– have presented the final report, of the feasibility study of the high-speed line between the cities of New Delhi and Kolkata, to the authorities of the state-owned enterprise High Speed Rail Corporation of India (HSRC). In the photo, Ineco engineers Félix Zapata and Javier Sancho at the station in New Delhi.

Ineco has been operating in India since 2009 with works for the Bombay metro and studies for the HS between Haldia and Howrah, among others.