Ineco will carry out the supervision and technical management of the design, manufacture and fine-tuning of twenty new trains acquired by the Medellín Metro from the Spanish manufacturer CAF. This new acquisition will represent the manufacture and delivery –both supervised by Ineco– of a total of 36 CAF trains for the Medellín Metro. Ineco began collaborating with the Medellín Metro in 2010 after the Spanish manufacturer CAF was awarded a contract for the construction of the first 13 trains as well as the signalling equipment (ATC) for 26 driver’s cabs. The purchase of all of these trains adheres to the Medellín Metro’s 2006-2030 Master Plan called Confianza en el futuro (‘Faith in the future’), which aims to increase transport capacity and meet the growth in demand.

Ineco has executed inspection work on railway equipment for over 20 years. The company boasts experience in technical assistance for large equipment supply, encompassing wide-ranging sectors including the construction of EMUs, DMUs and new locomotives, as well as refurbishment work on railway equipment, freight cars and auxiliary equipment such as draisines, special infrastructure maintenance vehicles and on-board equipment. Ineco was certified by ENAC (National Accreditation Entity) as a Rail Rolling Stock Inspection Organisation (Type C) in 2003 (see article 76/EI058: safety with identity card).