In March, Carlos Villalta, minister of Public Works and Transport of Costa Rica, signed with Jesús Silva, president of Ineco and Luis Baz, the general director of Acciona Ingeniería, the contract for the management of Costa Rica´s Transport Infrastructure Programme (PIT).

With an investment of around 450 million euros, the PIT’s aim is to contribute to the development of local transport through the improvement of road and port infrastructure, facilitating the flow of trade and the regional economic integration of Costa Rica.

The PIT includes actions in seven road projects and three port projects, with works in renovation, reconstruction, paving, road enlargement, improvements to road safety, bridge enlargements and the construction and improvement of porta.

Ineco has been present in Costa Rica since 2004, where it has carried out works such as the National Transport Plan, the Comprehensive Plan for the Modernisation of the Airport Network and the study on the implementation of a rail transport system in the metropolitan area of the capital, San José (IT50).