The Bus Transport Strategic Plan for the Sultanate of Oman will provide the country with a public transport that is modern, efficient, sustainable and equipped with smart technology. The project involves a complete overhaul of both the supply –including new urban and interurban routes– and management of this means of transport in the Sultanate, where the use of private vehicles is heavy.

Throughout these pages we are privileged to have the perspective of Ahmed Al Bulushi, who is piloting the transition towards the future of the company Mwasalat, the national bus operator of Oman. We also address other works abroad, such as that carried out with Aena Internacional at the airport in the capital of Angola –4 de Fevereiro International Airport (Luanda)– the only international airport in the country for which Ineco conducted the operational safety study. Finally, we have dedicated an extensive report to the aeronautical study conducted for the expansion of the Port of Kaohsiung in Taiwan, where the installation of high-altitude cranes may interfere with international airport operations.

Internationalisation has irrefutably been a key event in recent years, a result of the experience and knowledge acquired over the course of decades developing Spanish infrastructure. In this regard, I am pleased to announce the contract signing with the Costa Rican Ministry of Public Works and Transport for management of the Transport Infrastructure Programme (PIT). It is a new opportunity to strengthen ties with a country that Ineco has collaborated with for years, and that we wish to continue supporting in its development.

We are privileged to have the perspective of Ahmed Al Bulushi, who is piloting the transition of the company Mwasalat towards the future

With Ineco’s new showroom –described on the inner pages– we strive to reflect the know-how of Spanish construction and engineering firms and their experience and impact around the world. The new Centre for Interpretation –which I invite our clients and friends to come visit– was recently inaugurated at our central headquarters in Madrid. It is a visit that I am sure will provide great insight into the scope of our works.

Finally, we complete this space with articles from our experts on highly-specialised projects such as variable gauge facilities –a technology pioneered by Spain–, water studies to protect high-speed lines or Big Data and transport. With the publication of these studies and works we hope to contribute to the dissemination of these new technologies in addition to engaging our readers.