Metro de Medellín has decided to modernise its fleet of 42 first-generation trains. Manufactured by MAN and Siemens AG, they are close to the end of their 30-year service life. In 2016, Ineco carried out a viability study of the project, and is now in charge of supervising the work, which will involve complete internal and external refurbishment of the trains at half the cost of buying new rolling stock, according to Metro de Medellín.

The modernisation includes replacing the powertrain with a state-of-the-art DC/AC system, changing the existing auxiliary power supply and air production systems for new equipment with greater energy efficiency, installing air conditioning units in the cabin and updating the trains to a more modern and contemporary design (interior and exterior), as well as other improvements that will provide these trains with an additional 20 years of service life. In mid-2018, Metro de Medellín also took delivery of 38 new trains manufactured by the Spanish company CAF, all supervised by Ineco.