The team’s role is to safeguard all of the data assets and technological resources belonging to the company’s clients and partners. It is responsible for protecting the ICT infrastructure and everything related to it, with a particular focus on information security. The team’s activities are 360º in scope, covering a range of areas from physical media, software and data to the procedures and regulations that apply to them.

“Internet is a hostile environment. We work to make cyberspace safer and more trustworthy” Esteban Dauksis Ortolá, Cyber-Security manager

Digitalisation is prompting an increase in the risk of cyber-attack. In 2019, transport was among the strategic sectors most affected by cyber-threats, accounting for 37% of all attacks on critical infrastructure. For this reason, one of the missions of this multidisciplinary team is to work on different fronts in sectors and systems that provide support to railway and air transport networks, developing methodologies, strategies and internal policies (including training and awareness).

Due to their extensive experience, Ineco’s cyber-security experts are able to adopt measures and draw up action plans to remain a step ahead and ensure maximum preparedness for any incidents that may affect these networks, the satellite navigation systems, or other essential services.


  1. Do not trust information from unknown sources.
  2. Avoid sharing personal details or access information for any service.
  3. Verify the origin of the information you receive.
  4. Report any evidence of fraud or deception.
  5. Do not forward messages without checking them.
  6. Use separate devices for personal and work-related matters.