The company has added two new contracts, now numbering eight in total to date, to the work it has been carrying out since 2019 together with other Spanish companies (Ardanuy and IDOM) for the Rail Baltica high-performance corridor, which will link Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania with Europe over 870 kilometres. 

On the one hand, it will provide consultancy services for the storage of supplies, including both the development of the strategy and the technical and design requirements for the materials storage bases. On the other hand, it will carry out a study of the potential synergies of the corridor to improve the design of the infrastructure, analyse future development and business opportunities, and advise national governments on EU policies and strategies.

These works are in addition to those already being carried out, such as the design of the railway accesses to Riga, the design and supervision of a 94-kilometre section in Northern Latvia, the implementation of the energy strategy and the analysis and design of the maintenance facilities along the entire line.