The Ministry of Transport and Public Works of Uruguay has commissioned Ineco to provide technical assistance for the tendering of the contract to construct and maintain the railway infrastructure on the section between the Port of Montevideo and Paso de los Toros station. The ‘Central Railway’ project promoted by the government is the most important railway project in recent years in Uruguay. The construction and maintenance of the 273 kilometres of railway track between the Port of Montevideo and the city of Paso de los Toros, which involves upgrading the line to a higher standard to enable use by freight trains at 80 km/h and 22.5 tons per axle, represents an excellent opportunity to add the railway to the country’s transport system. The upgrading of this line will facilitate the transport of raw materials to a new pulp mill belonging to the Finnish company UPM. The project was presented on 15 August 2017 to business leaders in a ceremony attended by the president of the Republic, Tabaré Vázquez.