Implementation of the standard gauge continues on the Mediterranean Corridor. Ineco (in the image, a part of the team) currently provides construction management services and technical assistance on the railway line between Valencia and Castellón, where the so-called ‘third line’ is being installed: a third rail that allows trains to travel on either the Iberian gauge, the standard gauge or the “international gauge”.

This is a state of the art, highly technical and complex track technology –seeing as the fact that the track includes three rails, as opposed to the usual two, affects the entire superstructure– in which the company has extensive experience (see ITRANSPORTE 49). New developments are being installed on mixed gauge track apparatus, such as switches with through tracks and mixed, diverging tracks which will allow for speeds of 200 km/h on through routes with both gauges.

The main work includes connecting the Corridor to the high-speed line Madrid–Valencia with the standard gauge in the vicinity of Joaquín Sorolla station, installing a mixed gauge track over the current track, updating the catenary and safety and communications installations, and implementing and commissioning the Level 1 ERTMS train protection system. All work is being performed without passenger or freight traffic service interruptions.