We have one of the best infrastructure networks in the world

1 Would you mind listing all of the projects that you’re working on?

It’d be difficult to list them all. We’re currently providing works management, environmental management and technical assistance services throughout the country on high-speed, road and airport projects. Abroad, we are present in seven countries, some with major projects, such as the recently opened Paseo del Bajo in Buenos Aires and the Jorge Chávez airport, in Lima.

Do you think people outside the sector understand what’s involved in managing infrastructure?

Citizens increasingly value the ability to travel in their daily lives and are aware that we have one of the best infrastructure networks in the world thanks to Spanish engineering and construction companies that are among the best in the world. However, they may not be quite so aware of the extremely complex geography that we have in the peninsula.

Have you had any jobs that have made you lose sleep?

More than one; it goes along with the works process. The ones who have to bear the brunt, though, are the members of the technical teams who, with their dedication and commitment, take on great responsibility with very demanding deadlines and works that often pose major engineering challenges.

And what’s the best part of your job?

The greatest satisfaction for me is being able to be part of a great team of technicians from whom there is always so much to learn, in addition to helping and assisting them in their work by addressing their concerns and giving them specialized support and appropriate training.

Is there equality in your area?

There is equality, but the sector is still dominated by men. We’ve had women with extensive experience in works, top qualifications and positions of maximum responsibility in management and supervision of works for many years.

A technical and management profile

A civil engineer with 18 years of experience, Madrid-born Mónica Bielsa has worked at Ineco since 2001, first in Track Technology and later on the High-Speed Track Material Supplies team as department head and head of contracts and works management on high-speed rail infrastructures.

Ineco’s Infrastructure Area –currently with more than 200 professionals– covers jobs ranging from works management on new railways to the supervision of road projects, environmental management of works, supervision and management of airport works, project management in all areas, health and safety coordination, management of cultural heritage in works, etc.