The highly qualified nature of Ineco’s workforce, the company’s main asset, has enabled it, in its social action initiatives, to focus on activities in which it can best contribute by providing greater added value and which are also aligned with the organisation’s strategy, based on the ongoing improvement of the capabilities of its employees. For a number of years now, Ineco has had a professional corporate volunteer programme in collaboration with various NGOs belonging to the Fundación Lealtad, in which employees put their training and technical knowledge at the disposal of charitable projects in developing countries.

The three projects selected in 2019 will be 100% funded by Ineco and will benefit from the supervision and management of the company’s technical teams. They are scheduled for the first half of 2020 and will improve the living conditions of more 22,000 people.

India. Construction of a community centre in Rascola/Kudusuru. The project, led by Itwillbe, promotes the creation of a safe place where educational activities for children and training for adults can be carried out to develop the potential of the community. In its first 5 years, the centre will have a positive impact on the lives of more than 300 children and teenagers from several neighbouring villages, reducing division between castes and deterring young people from becoming involved in crime by occupying them with more beneficial activities. Education levels will increase, reducing illiteracy rates and paving the way to secondary education. It will be a safe learning space for boys and girls to develop their talents and skills.

South Sudan. Refurbishment of a maternity and paediatric ward at Bor Hospital. This is a project led by Doctors of the World, whose team in Bor has identified different needs in the patient, maternity and paediatric wards. Its goals are to improve the essential hygiene conditions of the facilities that are being supported in Bor State Hospital; prevent and control infections; and provide quality medical care to the population. Hygiene conditions (including water, sanitation and waste management), electricity and ventilation are essential for one of the major hospitals of the region. The work will be carried out in parallel with the training of workers in the hospital to ensure proper upkeep of equipment and facilities.

Haiti. Improved access to water and sanitation in the Moulin community health centre in Gros-Morne, Artibonite. Led by Cesal, the aim is to contribute to the improvement of the service by renovating the drinking water system, installations and toilets. The need has been identified by Cesal, which has 11 years of experience in Haiti developing several projects related to health and nutrition. This rural health center serves more than 6,000 people in the area.

The action is part of a larger multi-sector programme funded by the EU which aims to respond to the problem of food and nutrition security by supporting, outfitting and refurbishing six health centres as key elements in the prevention of maternal and child malnutrition and the improvement of comprehensive treatment, with special attention given to support of pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Ineco Day

Hospitalised children, young sufferers of congenital heart disease, refugees and the elderly were the social groups selected by Ineco’s employees to receive the funds raised during a charity concert and market held in June. 

Recognised for their compliance with the 9 Principles of Transparency and Good Practice of the Fundación Lealtad, with which Ineco has had a cooperation agreement for the last decade, four national and international non-profit organisations have received 3,000 euros each to carry out micro projects. Menudos Corazones, Pequeño Deseo, Entreculturas and Grandes Amigos were the four microprojects selected through a vote among the company’s employees. The common thread of the four proposals is that they are aimed at some of society’s most vulnerable groups: sick children and teenagers, elderly people living alone but not by choice and refugees.

In the first edition of Ineco Day, held in June 2019, money was raised for the four charitable microprojects which combined will benefit more than 900 people. In the image, the charity market. / PHOTO_ELVIRA VILA