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Approval for high-speed material

121 tonnes of rail, 550 tonnes of sleepers and 145 lorries loaded with ballast are just one example of what goes into building just one kilometre of single track on a high-speed line. Technicians from Ineco have been working with Adif and Adif Alta Velocidad for more than 15 years to guarantee the quality and supply of all railway materials used for track assembly. A job that requires maximum rigour and, over time, has resulted in the creation of a proven methodology.

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New lines to generate wealth

A feasibility study for a 772-kilometre high-speed line between Mumbai and Nagpur, the first phase of the Mumbai-Kolkata corridor, is the latest project that Ineco and Adif are carrying out for the Indian government. The study is part of the advisory services that Spain is providing to India in relation to its plan to develop an ambitious high-speed rail network (The Diamond Quadrilateral Project).

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What makes the Bergara Junction so complex?

A network of three tunnels consisting of a total of 5 tubes and 22 evacuation galleries excavated in a karst massif, a tunnel mouth over 40 metres high shared by three tunnels in a slope traversed by a geological fault and the presence of a protected species under a viaduct are just a few of the technical, geological and environmental challenges faced by the construction teams of the Bergara railway junction. It is a crucial project that will make it possible to split the high-speed line to connect the centre of the Iberian Peninsula to the three provincial capitals of the Basque Country and to France.

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